Thunderbird Print Multiple Emails to PDF – Know with Easy Solution

thunderbird-pdfFew days ago, I exported my mails from Thunderbird to PDF and I observed that there are several people who are having need to do the conversion of Thunderbird emails to Adobe Acrobat Reader, so here I am expressing my experience for Thunderbird print multiple emails to PDF.

Thunderbird is an email program which helps users to share information by email messages. It is easy for users to obtain a link with social media by offering chat feature. Any user can send data by composing emails in Thunderbird and it is used by thousands of organizations to manage data. It saves data in two parts.

  1. With Extension (.msf) i.e. – Inbox.msf, draft.msf
  2. Without Extension Inbox, Draft, etc.

.msf files are the index of Thunderbird which holds only the header & summary part of emails and without extension files are the main files of Mozilla Thunderbird which has exact backup of data. It supports several advance features such as – RSS Reader, Fast Message search, spam filters, customizable views, etc. It simply handles multiple RSS feed & emails accounts which can be kept with several identities. Thunderbird supports WDSEML files which are used for Windows search Integration and LDAP autocomplete email address feature. It has option to set the master password for data. Its pre-built tool has power to connect with cloud services. It stores all data at –

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles/ ozr0m2a8.default\Mail\Local Folders

PDF, Portable Document Format File is organized by Adobe System. It cannot only support images, text documents, but also incorporates hyperlinks, videos, buttons, embedded fonts, etc. Frequently we’ll see that scanned documents, eBooks, Job applications, vouchers are available in the PDF format because PDFs don’t depend on the software that created them, nor on any individual OS, they look the same no matter what device they are used on.

Most users head right to Adobe Acrobat Reader, when the requirement to open a PDF file. Adobe program is definitely the most popular PDF Reader out there. PDFs are opened by the Most of web browsers such as Mozilla & Chrome Automatically. You may or may not require an extension or add-on to do it. It is most handy to open by one click on a PDF link online. To use or view PDF files, Free Adobe Reader must be installed in your system. Once it has in your system by downloading then any PDF file will be open automatically.

Conversion Requirement of Thunderbird Export all Emails to PDF

Inaccessibility of Thunderbird, Switching Job, changing Windows OS etc. all the above reasons may be the caucuses for the conversion of Thunderbird export messages to PDF and Thunderbird doesn’t allow to export multiple email files into .pdf files format. In such situation everybody want such solution which can easily, safely, affordably export multiple emails to PDF without losing any data.

Affordable & Quick Solution –

Currently there are several solutions available which offers guaranteed solution for Thunderbird print multiple emails to PDF but few of them proved to be an exact solution. Thunderbird Converter is one of them that I have experienced as the perfect application for migration of Thunderbird to PDF. It saves all Thunderbird files to PDF without missing any details. The program will also save attachments of emails into Portable document file format. It supports 9 multiple file naming options which help to save files with proper timing format of emails. There are also available free demo version which helps to checkout or understanding the complete process for Thunderbird print all email messages to PDF. It supports attachments saving options which saves all attachments of emails as .pdf.


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